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Sometimes you just need a good Full Coverage bra!

I have quite a few customers that love their full coverage bras! I recommend full coverage bras for my clients that are well endowed and need a bra that provides support for their entire breast, which is why these bras are called full coverage bras, the fabric covers the entire breast.

Full Coverage Advice: If you are a full-figured woman and you are looking for comfort and good support, a full coverage bra is what you need. Finding the right full coverage bra that enhances your natural shape, can give you the confidence that comes from looking and feeling great. Though they completely cover your breast, full coverage bras can be sexy.
Remember, your 3 points of fit when shopping for a full coverage bra.
#1 Your bra center should tack against your breastbone which means the center gore of the bra should lay flat on the breastbone.
#2 The side underwire should be positioned behind your breast tissue
#3 The Bra band should be in the center of your back.
We carry lines such as #elomi, #curvycouture, #montelleintimates, and #freya just to name a few.

What about coverage?

#Fullcoverage bras mean your breast is fully covered. You can choose a full coverage bra with or without seams.

How well is the support in a Full Coverage Bra?

The right #fullcoverage bra will give you full support from the beginning of your day to the end. You will find that this type of bra, if it has an underwire, most likely has been made to support the weight of your breast and the fabric is made from a stretchy fabric for maximum support.

Are you looking for a full coverage bra? Give us a call to schedule your bra fitting at (951) 758-8827.

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